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Crescend Technologies is the premier manufacturer of high power amplifiers for the VHF, UHF and 800/900 markets. Continuous improvement has resulted in improved quality and leading edge modular technology going into every amplifier design.

Sinclair Technologies, Inc. -   For over half a century, Sinclair Technologies has been a leading manufacturer of advanced antenna and filter systems used in a wide range of wireless applications including public safety, mobile radio, cellular, public transit, and military networks. Originally designed to function in extreme weather conditions, Sinclair products enjoy a reputation for high performance, reliability, durability and value.

Gai-Tronics - Repeater Controllers, Tone Remotes, Local Desksets, Telephone Interconnect, Call Boxes Equipment

Multiplier -  Multiplier, your single source for rechargeable battery packs and related accessories. First to market with the latest products and newest technologies, and with over 1900 batteries and accessories for almost every need

Kenwood Communications - high quality Professional LMR and consumer communication products . Portables, mobiles, base stations, repeater, LTR systems...

OTTO - Headsets, low profile surveillance kits, speaker microphones.   Featuring a 15 month Warranty!  

Panavise Products, Inc - A major manufacturer of precision vises, circuit board holders, cellular telephone mounts and holders, mobile data terminal mounts, CCTV mounts, speaker mounts and specialty OEM mounts.
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Pyramid - Synthesized Vehicular Repeaters, AVL Systems, Mobile Data/text messaging Products.

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Larsen - Portable and Mobile antenna solutions. Check out the GPS (NMO mount),  low profile and Wireless LAN antennas.

Trident Micro Systems - Trident Micro Systems is a leading developer and manufacturer of logic controller products for the commercial radio industry. 

Watson Dispatch - Watson Dispatch is the world's leading supplier of emergency dispatch communications console furniture.

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