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Jay Tompson brings a wide array of skills related to the communications field.  His first experiences were at the dealer level. He was responsible for the initial design and sales of LMR, Paging, SMR/Trunking and Telemetry systems.  He joined the Sales Department at Maxon in 1989.  Since that time he has gained experience as Regional Sales Manager, Marketing Product Manager, National Sales Manager, International Sales and OEM Program Manager. In 1994, Jay joined  Nevco, Inc to open the Texas office of Nevco SW, a manufacturer's rep company. In January 2001, he founded TheCambridge Group, Inc.
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  David Patton David serves as General Manger and Vice President of Marketing. Since 1991, David has been Vice President of Marketing for Nevco, Inc. In 1991 David founded Midwest Marketing and shortly thereafter merged with Nevco, Inc. Prior to Midwest Marketing, David served as Regional, National Sales & Marketing Manager at Maxon America, Inc. from (1984-91) His formal electronics training enabled David to own and operate a two way radio communications business. (1981-84) In 1984 his technical/repair skills were instrumental in securing a position with the Technical Service Department at Maxon Electronics. David worked his way up through the ranks to the Sales Department.
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  Cassie Gist, Office/Customer Service Manager, is responsible for Customer Service and managing the corporate office, as well as the coordinating efforts with all the field sales offices. Cassie started in the electronics industry working for distributors in the wire and cable business. Introduced to the wireless industry 1992 when hired by Decibel Products as a customer service representative.In 1995 Cassie made a move to Hutton Communications.During her 5 years with Hutton she held various positions within the company as an inside sales person, customer service manager and special projects manager.
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  Robin Hardey, Sales Support Specialist, handling customer service and inside sales support for the field sales staff. Robin brings to The Cambridge Group a rich history of Customer Service/Relations. A Dallas native, she was with Neiman Marcus for 9 years and Bombardier Aerospace Flexjet for 2 years. Her expertise in customer care will bring to our dealers the level of attention The Cambridge Group intends to offer our customers on a continual basis.

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Nikole Isaacs, Sales and Marketing Coordinator,
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  Sheryn Scheib Sheryn started in the Land Mobile industry in 1987 with Maxon America, Inc. Throughout the years Sheryn has had experience selling to dealers on a direct bases as a District Sales Manager with Icom America, Inc., and as a Regional Sales Manager both with Maxon America and Advanced Charger Technology (ACT). She has also had experience selling to Federal, State and Local Government Agencies in the Midwest as a Government Account Executive with Nextel Communications.
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  Scott Newby , Area Sales Manager, Scott started in the mobile communications business in 1985 as a sales rep and consultant for Communications Associates in Springfield, Missouri. As he gained experience he moved into the sales manager position taking care of the company's customers, sales reps and agents. In 1993 he was offered an opportunity to move to Oklahoma City and work with Gateway Communications in sales. He was responsible for the entire sales, marketing and service aspects of the business. He has considerable experience in the installation, service and marketing of mobile, portable and site radio equipment for conventional and trunking systems in both the digital and analog formats. He has had experience with coverage improved solutions, as well as multiple AVL systems.
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Bill Parker, Area Sales Manager,  Bill Parker brings a wide variety of career experiences to The Cambridge Group.He has 8 years of background in the wireless industry  His experience as a Regional Sales Manager helps him to understand how a successful radio dealer operates in a competitive environment. .Bill has also operated several successful businesses during the past 21 Most recently Bill was the area sales manager for Securicor Wireless in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. He is also involved in amateur radio in the East Texas area.
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