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For more information on Higgins Industry and the life of Andrew Higgins we recommend reading "Andrew Jackson Higgins And The Boats That Won World War II" by Jerry E. Strahan. This website is dedicated to the legacy of the men and women who have served aboard Higgins boats over this past century. To the many employees of Higgins Industries, the Higgins family, Andrew Jackson Higgins and to those Higgins pleasure craft owners who continue to preserve the American legacy of freedom.

"With the war over and the government contracts gone, the company was hoping to capitalize on the famous Higgins name and its worldwide reputation for quality and dependability. It had built 20,094 boats for the armed forces, worked on the atomic bomb, manufactured wing panels for C-46s, designed and produced the airborne lifeboats, built 100 FS ships for the army in record time, and designed the standardized U.S. LCP, LCPL, LCVP, and LCM and one of the two major types of PT boats that the navy used.

"Higgins had trained more than 30,000 men in the handling of landing craft, designed a new marine engine, pioneered the sectionalizing of landing craft to be shipped overseas for reassembly, repaired trucks and jeeps to be redeployed in combat, designed the rocket-carrying landing craft support boats, conceived a portable saltwater desalinization still, built marine radios, campaigned heavily for Franklin Roosevelt, and was one of the first, if not the first, person to come out publicly for Truman as vice-president.

"Higgins was extremely proud of what his company accomplished during the war, but the war was over and he was ready to focus his attention on the postwar markets. But before he could be competitive, he still has to solve his labor problems."

Higgins boats - styles, colors, specs & more

Discover the world of Higgins mahogany wooden boats. These beautiful pleasure boats were designed and produced by the 30,000+ employees of Higgins Industries in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, following World War II. df

Once numbering in the tens of thousands in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, these brightly painted, all-mahogany plywood boats were popular; sold mainly in the United States & Canada - but may be found anywhere in the world. Today, they are a rare, spectacular jewel if found roaring across a placid lake.

As the company folded in the early 1960s, much of its remaining assets and boat-building specifications used to create these beautiful pleasure craft were lost, discarded, burned, or filed away as the employee based dwindled. As we develop our organization, we strive to collect any and all brochures, drawings, letters, and other documents which may be placed in our library (regardless of the condition) as a resource to be exchanged and shared between all members of the Higgins Classic Boating Association.

But perhaps our great asset are our members. Through first-hand knowledge and skill, many of our members have the experience to help one another in determining specs such as if the color of a particular line of Higgins was available in blue or red; if the original engine was a Chrysler Ace; or if one can locate a set of chrome windshield brackets.

Before and After Higgins Restoration

Here are some well known Classic Chris Craft Boats:
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Here's a sample movie of a boat.

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