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Courtesy of David Thomas
Higgins Tequila Gold

Courtesy of David Thomas
Higgins Mee Yow Za boat

Courtesy of David Thomas
Higgins America 1959

Courtesy of Elmer and Judy Thomas
Higgins speed boat

Courtesy of David Thomas
Higgins speed boat

Courtesy of Bill and Cathy Foy
Higgins Sail Boat

Courtesy of David Thomas
Higgins Sail/House Boat

Courtesy of David Thomas
Higgins Sail/House Boat

Courtesy of David Thomas
Jeff Oppenheimer's 1948 19 ft. Higgins
Delux Runabout "Freedom" Winter at
the lake Okoboki show best of show
and Skipper's Choice Award for the
year 2004.

Looking Back on the Good Times from
Elmer and Judy Thomas boat "Spooky"

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Higgins Classic Boat Association welcomes you to our new website providing information about Higgins pleasure craft from the 1940's to the 1960's. We are a private not for profit group dedicated to the preservation of Higgins Classic Boats throughout the world.

Founded in 1998 as a simple newsletter group, we have grown in size and experience over the past six years providing Higgins Pleasure Craft owners a venue of community family while caring on the American legacy of Higgins Industries and the stories behind the boats.

Every two years our group has a annual meeting. In the past six years we have come together three different times displaying our beautiful Higgins pleasure craft. We publish a quarterly newsletter with helpful insights on restorations and other Higgins information, including historical facts about the company and many items that Higgins Industries produced over the last century.

Higgins Industries known for producing the largest number of PT boats and landing craft during WWII, employing over 30,000 people with seven plants was one of the largest contributors for this countries overall success during WWII and other military conflicts.

While producing military items Higgins Industries also produced beautiful pleasure craft, furniture, camp trailers, helicopters, airplanes, and many other items that we use today.

Through the members of our organization, the spirit of Andrew Jackson Higgins and Higgins Industries continues to live on sharing this great American legacy by displaying our Higgins boats at shows across the country.

Higgins Classic Boat Assocation® is a Marque Club of the Antique and Classic Boat Association.

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