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Cash for Trash

To encourage wider participation in recycling, we offer the Cash for Trash program to non-profit organizations in the community. To get involved, simply call or email us and request the simple form to enroll in the program. Once you have filled out the form we will add you to the group of approved non-profits. You in turn ask your members to collect and bring their newspaper, aluminum cans and glass bottles to the center.

The sign in book and scale are conveniently located in open bay area close to the driveway. Each of the organizations are listed alphabetically and once the page is located, simply weigh the three various commodities and note the total weight in the appropriate column. We also ask that the person dropping off the material initials the sign in sheet.

Organizations get paid quarterly by our business manager. Rates vary from time to time based upon current market value.

truck exporting trash away
truck exporting trash away

Keep Sandy Springs North Fulton Beautiful has partnered with Fulton County Public Works and the Georgia DOT to offer opportunities for residents to get more involved in keeping North Fulton clean. The Adopt-a-Highway/Adopt-a-Road program is offered to any group interested in volunteering for a two year period. Picking up roadside litter helps to maintain the cleanliness of our streets and serves as a reminder to others that littering behavior is unsightly.

Both adults and children can take an active role in selecting one to two mile length of roadway to maintain a minimum of four times a year. We can help them select a road or it may be a road of their own choosing. Keep Sandy Springs North Fulton Beautiful provides orange reflective vests and trash bags. Once the road is cleaned the volunteers contact our office and we then notify Public Works for bag pick up. One of the benefits for volunteers is a road sign which identifies the group or family that has adopted that stretch of road.

adopt a road sign
adopt a road sign
Graffiti Hurts

According to a recent survey conducted by Keep America Beautiful, Inc., 88% of its affiliates nationwide are executing successful graffiti prevention programs. Approximately 1/3 of survey respondents (30%) cited rapid removal -- 48 hours -- as the most effective factor in graffiti prevention, followed by youth education programs (25%), and involving youth in graffiti education, graffiti cleanups and youth mural projects (13%).

Keep Sandy Springs North Fulton Beautiful is dedicated to removing graffiti in our community as quickly as it is spotted. If you see or know of graffiti in our area please let us know where it is and we will do what it takes to remove it as rapidly as possible.

man painting wall on streets
man painting wall on streets
Evergreen Businesses

Keep Sandy Springs North Fulton Beautiful's Evergreen Business program, a partnership with Sandy Springs Kiwanis Club and the Sandy Springs Business Association, awards local businesses a plaque for outstanding efforts in landscaping and ground maintenance.

We developed a poster to be displayed in local businesses which enumerates proper waste disposal and ground maintenance. The Kiwanis Club distributes the posters to businesses along the Roswell Road business corridor and explains our program. After explaining the program, Kiwanis Club members recommend businesses for recognition. Once the recipient is selected, the award presentation is held at the monthly meeting of the Sandy Springs Business Association. Press coverage adds to the acknowledgement for the businesses.

Residents can also call or e-mail Keep Sandy Springs North Fulton Beautiful to nominate a business worthy of the honor. The plaque identifies the business as a Keep Sandy Springs North Fulton Beautiful Evergreen Business, which they can proudly display in their store.

business side of sandy springs
business side of sandy springs
Trees Sandy Springs

Keep Sandy Springs North Fulton Beautiful has recognized the importance of increasing and maintaining the tree cover in North Fulton. Because of the rapid growth of the region, a significant percentage of trees have been lost to tree removal due to housing and commercial development.

As an outgrowth of our Arbor Day tree planting program, we recognized the need for teacher and community training on the benefits of trees. Included in this training is the planting of trees in our community coupled with hands-on experiences.

How can you get involved? We are looking for other community locations and additional organizations that would like to get involved in a tree planting program. Planting time in Georgia is from November to March, which is the lone restriction to involvement.

Tree workshops are offered several times a year.

people working at sandy springs park
people working at sandy springs park
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