Meet the designer - Christine

When people ask me what I like most about my design business it's very easy to answer. I love the relationships I have with my clients I have met and worked with since beginning this business 25 yeas ago. I still am called upon to create new environments for customers whose home I designed 10, 15, 25 years ago. In many instances I have done 2,3, even 4 homes for the same client and continue to work with these clients on a yearly basis. I am now working with the children of my long-term clients.

Fabrics have always been my first love. I started sewing all my clothing at the young age of 5. I continued and believed I would major in fashion design until I took my first class in interior design. I majored in textiles with a minor in business. My business experience as a financial analyst immediately out of college has been an excellent background for managing my own design firm. It has been hugely beneficial in keeping costs to a minimum, which helps in keeping my vow to maintaining and affordable design experience for my clients.

Having made all of my own window coverings in my first home I can visualize, design and price treatments with little waste, keeping costs down.

I truly love the level of interaction with clients and the trust they place in my knowledge and counsel.

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