How much do you charge?

Stoddard House has a couple of plans to fit your needs. If you are looking for a designer to do a floor plan, make paint selections, and/or remodel or new construction consultation, the fee is billed hourly at $120.00/hr.

If your project encompasses an entire room or home which includes furniture, window coverings, flooring and accessories, the hourly fee is waived and a design agreement is signed. We offer some discounts on furniture and fabrics but not on accessories. The designer, Christine, will make a presentation of your project, complete with flooring and fabric samples, pictures of furniture and accessories selected for your scheme, along with detailed floor plans when needed. Items ordered by Stoddard's require a 60% deposit, with the balance due upon the delivery or installation.

Why should I choose a designer?

Most people connect hiring an interior designer with expense. Hiring a designer can save you money and it will most definitely save you time and frustration. An interior designer can work up an entire plan for your home. Then you have the option of purchasing all the items at once, or more commonly, in gradual steps. One mistake made by the do-it-your-self can be costly and could easily make up the difference in the expense of the designer. Remember too, that many interior designers, like myself, attend trade shows all over the country and are exposed to numerous designs and trends and can integrate a variety of fabrics and furniture accents unavailable to the public.

What if all I want is draperies?

We will still offer our services if only one product is needed. We will still provide in-house consultation and present fabrics and designs in your home. The same efficient service applies whether it be draperies, made in our workroom and installed in your home or your grandmother's sofa, picked up, reupholstered, and delivered back to your home. Just give us a call. It's that easy.
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